About Me

Hi, I'm Marcus. I'm a PhD Candidate in Computer Science at Harvard University.

I graduated magna cum laude with highest honors in Computer Science and Statistics from Harvard as an undergraduate.

I am very lucky to have Professor H. T. Kung as my research advisor. My computer science research focuses on machine learning, computer and wireless networking (with a focus on 5G wireless networks), distributed computing, computer vision, and sparse coding. My public policy research focuses on technology policy, focusing on the public policy implications of machine learning/artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things, as well as structural issues in regulating technical domains. Please take a look at my publications page to learn more about my research.

I am Head of Fellowship Advising for Kirkland House at Harvard University, and serve as a Resident Tutor in Computer Science there as well. Outside of my academic research, I closely follow environmental issues affecting my native South Florida and the Everglades, am an advid aquarist (I have a salt water aquarium where I grow corals), and play jazz piano.